Jazz … and a great movie too!

I don’t post a lot of jazz on Friday afternoons, maybe because it’s a bit more esoteric than other genres. But I’m inspired to do so today by a movie we saw last weekend called “Whiplash”, playing at the Tara off Cheshire Bridge Road. The two stars are Miles Teller, whom most of you have neither seen nor heard of, and J.K. Simmons, whom I first remember from “Juno” and who now has quite a lucrative sideline going in commercials for Farmers Insurance.

It’s a great movie, even if you’re not a jazz enthusiast, with compelling characters, plot, setting and acting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a suitable musical video from the movie, so I’m substituting this cut of the very cute Cyrille Aimee, a French jazz singer, with Roy Hargrove on trumpet and Joel Frahm on sax stepping up with sparkling solos of their own.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend.