A little zombie music to see you into Halloween ….

“They came

from Cherry Log,

north Georgia by the Blue Ridge Mountain line …

and as they came, they killed everyone in their way.”

Wait … who did? And they did what?

Why, the hillbilly zombies on corn liquor, of course.

According to an emergency declaration just issued from the Georgia’s governor’s office, after succumbing to a bad batch of ‘shine the zombies have made their way south by the hundred, apparently lurching and munching through Ellijay and Jasper and then onto Marietta, and then … well:

The band, Deadbolt, is a self-described “psychobilly” band out of San Diego. How they ended up doing a song featuring a nice little community like Cherry Log, Georgia I have no idea. Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend folks.

And be careful, it can get weird out there!