“… a new day’s promise has begun’

Time for a classic and sad lament, from the classic Atlanta band “Drivin N’ Cryin”.


Have a great weekend, everyone.

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The host said to me last week, "Get over yourself."  I have been on this blog for about 5 years, with one over-riding purpose in mind, to teach that we are all equal in God's eyes.  Egalitarianism is what this nation was built upon, but rarely has practiced.  But, we are an evolving nation and we are coming closer to being that "more perfect union."  Someone is looking out for me in my personal blog.  These words from my blog, which are the lyrics John Lennon wrote should be shared here, too, as well as reread on my blog, this morning.

 In John Lennon’s song, “Instant Karma,” sung below by U-2, listen carefully to these words:

“Instant Karma’s gonna get you.

Gonna knock you right on the head.

You better get yourself together;

Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead.

What on Earth you trying to do?

It’s up to you. Yeah, you.

Who on Earth do you think you are – A superstar?

Well, right you are. We all shine on – like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.

On, and on, and on – everyone. Come on.

Better recognize your brothers;

Everyone you meet.

Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear.

Well, we all shine on – like the moon, and the stars, and the sun – everyone. Come on.

What on Earth you trying to do?  It’s up to you. Yeah, you.”





Let me begin by telling you that I like you a lot and i understand the importance you place on developing spiritual awareness. However,

1. Being a Christian is not a requirement for attaining the enlightened state.

2. Believing in God is not a requirement either.

You come across as a little preachy at times.

If you wish to be a spiritual friend to others, you have to leave your ego out of it, you just have to. If you care how others perceive you it will taint the process.

I have a spiritual friend whom I consider to be fully awakened. Humor and joy are his most noticeable attributes.


@YouLibs @MaryElizabethSings

Have I ever lectured you, personally, in moral platitudes, You Libs? I do not think so. But, you are lecturing me here.  It seems to me that you are the one in your post who is more "preachy" than I am.

You have projected onto me your own thinking at this point in time.  For instance, I agree with you with your point #1 above.  So, there was no reason for you to tell me that.  It is already in my consciousness.

Shakespeare:  "Be true to thineself and you cannot be false to any person."

I do not consider myself to be many of the things that you have said of me above.  (No need to go into detail.)

My objective in my life has never been to have a lot of friends (I have more than I wish at this time in my life) but to serve God as he has meant my journey to be.  There will be some who will not like that boldness in me, and others who, perhaps, will be grateful for it.  I keep my focus on the North Star, and my heart, spirit, and mind where I believe God wants them to be.  If others do not see into my heart, spirit, and mind, I am sorry.  I will keep trying to allow people to know and see me in more depth than many do now,because I know I have something worthy to offer, even on this blog, if I stay true to myself.

That is not ego.  Only if one thinks in cliches could that be considered ego.  Read this, if you want to delve a little deeper into who I am and what I want to communicate by being myself (and remember I come from a long, long line - 300 years back - of ministers and school masters so that my perceptions are askew to those of many others.)

Thanks for expressing yourself honestly.



A good 'un, Jay. But I needed some cheering up after a few days that were, shall we say, existentially challenging on a somewhat personal level.

And this tune somehow always does it for me. Sing along, won't you?

Me your momma and some other wh0re
Floating down the river on a sh##house door
Gonna tie my p-cker to my leg, to my leg
Gonna tie my p-cker to my leg.

Dad's going steady with a pig in a barn
Grandma's getting down with an ear of corn

Gonna tie my p-cker to my leg, to my leg
Gonna tie my p-cker to my leg.

You only live once, so off with them pants
Hell ain't for sure, it's only a chance



@Visual_Cortex @PaulinNH  Ah - Tescos - back then it was a cheap, grotty store - way downmarket from Marks&Sparks and Sainsburys. It changed to become the UK's leading retailer - and I grew up with the guy responsible, a kid from a council estate LOL


@~moonbat_betty~ @MaryElizabethSings

The haters are going to do, and be, what they individually choose, without any control of mine.

All I can do is not to allow myself to hate back nor to become a hater, myself.  That is what we must all strive for, imo - not to be haters, ourselves, regardless of how much others may hate us.  Remember the wise words of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s father, called "Daddy" King.


Five Degrees of Bacon.

Kevn Kinney of D&C has toured with Blues Travelers harmonica player John Popper

John Popper played on Hard Working American's first album with Todd Snider

Todd Snider has toured with John Prine.

John Prine appeared in the movie Daddy and Them with Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton directed the movie, Jane Mansfield's Car, starring Kevin Bacon.

(Extra credit for crossing from music to movies)



2nd degree:  Mr. Popper blowing on Stomp and Holler with HWA.



Definitely sad.

Contrast that lack of hope, in that song above, with David Brooks' final paragraph in today's AJC:

"Before the country can achieve great things it has to relearn the ability to desire big things.  It has to be willing to love again, even amid disappointments - to love things that are awesome, heroic and sublime."


Straight To Hell. Another Trump blog? You could of done Paid in Full. A commentary on Hillary's Goldman speeches. Lol.



To mention "Straight to Hell" as a commentary on Hillary's Goldman's speeches is without thought, simply following the lowest common denominator of thought. Hillary's speeches at Goldman's like her e-mails, in truth, are insignificant.

Trump, on the other hand, will answer for his ways - one day - through the steadfastness of Karma.  We reap what we sow. Donald will learn that one day soon.  In the meantime, we simply cannot let him pull this nation, and this world, down into a Hell of his making.


You gotta know the band. Paid in Full is a different song.



I don't know the band, and I am not interested in knowing them.  That was part of my life 40 years ago, not now.