Trump testing the depths of his supporters’ loyalty, gullibility



Donald Trump keeps telling us that he opposed the invasion of Iraq, because he knew that it would destabilize the Middle East. Invariably, he cites that stance as proof of his extraordinary insight. “Frankly, I’m one of the few that was right on Iraq,” he said just this week on “60 Minutes”.

Of course, he was not “right on Iraq”; he did not oppose the invasion. Only months later, after it became clear that we were not “going to be greeted as liberators,” etc., he did begin to criticize the decision. That’s like picking the lottery numbers after they’ve already been announced and then insisting that you won $500 million.

And on and on it goes. In a Fox interview on Monday, Trump took credit for the decision to hold the 2016 GOP convention in Cleveland, casting it as evidence of his support for Ohio, an important swing state.

“I wanted it to be here, and we had lots of choices,” he said. “I wanted it to be in Ohio. I recommended Ohio. And people fought very hard that it be in Ohio. It’s a tremendous economic development event, and you look at the way it’s going so far, it’s very impressive. I wanted it be here, the Republicans wanted it to be here.”

The GOP announced its selection of Cleveland in July 2014, a full year before Trump even entered the campaign for president. There is no evidence whatsoever that Trump had shown any interest in that decision, let alone that he drove or influenced it.

Again, on the GOP convention’s opening night, speechwriters for would-be First Lady Melania Trump sent her out to introduce herself to the American people armed with a speech that cribbed extensively from a 2008 speech by Michelle Obama. The words, thoughts and sentiments were so identical that party chairman Reince Priebus insisted that the campaign fire those responsible for the scandal.

But the Trump campaign, insistent on its own version of reality, flatout denies that plagiarism had even existed.

“There’s no cribbing of Michelle Obama’s speech,” Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort told the press. “I mean, she was speaking in front of 35 million people last night. She knew that. To think that she would be cribbing Michelle Obama’s words is crazy.”

Yes, that would be crazy. It would be even crazier to tell America that it had not seen and heard what it saw and heard. And it would take full-blown lunacy to, say, try to blame it all on Hillary.

So Manafort went there: “This is once again an example of when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton, how she seeks out to demean her and take her down.”

Think back to where this began, with Trump claiming that he sent private investigators to Hawaii to prove that President Obama was ineligible to be president, and “they cannot believe what they’re finding.” It continued through Trump claims of millions given to charity that can’t be found, through claims that he never invented a fake spokesman to brag about his sexual conquests when he clearly did. He has also told us repeatedly that he hires the best people, the smart people, people so smart that you can’t believe how smart they are, but based on the incompetence of his campaign staff, that too is a lie.

Basically, he is testing the depths of his supporters’ desperation: How many truly unbelievable things are they willing to pretend to believe? How much self-respect are they willing to sacrifice on his behalf? A lot, it appears.

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This is a radical time in American politics: a time the pundits and elected politicians thought would never come. After two decades of populist anger, the elderly rebels of Pat Buchanan’s pitchfork army finally stormed the barricades of the establishment and hoisted an orange leader atop the smoking rubble.

So there was clearly no better way to capture the sense of occasion than to hand the stage – and the primetime TV cameras – to a true statesman and model citizen, who could testify to Trump’s business acumen and personal ethics: Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Good one!


If the Right Folks were around I'd be braggin' on what I'm off to do right now (and where I'm doing it).

But that'd be Shameless. 

So I'll just say Toodles 'til later.


List of dark-money contributors to countless downticket candidates in 2016:

1. ???

2. ???

3. ???

4. ???

5. ???

6. ???

7. ???

8. ???

...und so weiter...


oh, and thanks ever-so-prodigiously for that state of affairs, Five-Fo' SCOTUS. 

You give so much and ask so little of us!


Hey check out GH's list. Someone with Possession of Marriageajuana is a Hils contributor.


@Visual_Cortex And an odometer roll-backer, along with some drug king-pins, big time money launderers, and even a perjurer.  How ironic that Bill C. would pardon someone convicted of perjury.


@_GodlessHeathen_ @Visual_Cortex

In fairness, I am rather concerned that Hils took money in the past from this scummy, lying, cheating real estate developer with a ridiculous hairweave. 

But, don't hate the players, hate the game, I guess.


This just in.

Latest list of Hillary donors. (Part 1)

    1. Richard Wilson Riley Jr. (cocaine and marijuana charges, father was Clinton's Education Secretary)[5]
    2. Samuel Lee Robbins
    3. Joel Gonzales Rodriguez
    4. Michael James Rogers
    5. Anna Louise Ross
    6. Dan Rostenkowski – former Democratic Congressman convicted in the Congressional Post Office scandal
    7. Gerald Glen Rust
    8. Jerri Ann Rust
    9. Bettye June Rutherford
    10. Gregory Lee Sands
    11. Al Schwimmer
    12. Albert A. Seretti Jr.
    13. Patricia Campbell Hearst Shaw
    14. Dennis Joseph Smith
    15. Gerald Owen Smith
    16. Stephen A. Smith
    17. Jimmie Lee Speake
    18. Charles Bernard Stewart
    19. Marlena Francisca Stewart-Rollins
    20. Fife Symington III – former Republican Arizona governor
    21. Richard Lee Tannehill
    22. Nicholas C. Tenaglia
    23. Gary Allen Thomas
    24. Larry Weldon Todd
    25. Olga C. Trevino
    26. Ignatious Vamvouklis
    27. Patricia A. Van De Weerd
    28. Christopher V. Wade
    29. Bill Wayne Warmath
    30. Jack Kenneth Watson
    31. Donna Lynn Webb
    32. Donald William Wells
    33. Robert H. Wendt
    34. Jack L. Williams
    35. Kavin Arthur Williams
    36. Robert Michael Williams
    37. Jimmie Lee Wilson
    38. Thelma Louise Wingate
    39. Mitchell Couey Wood
    40. Warren Stannard Wood
    41. Dewey Worthey
    42. Rick Allen Yale
    43. Joseph A. Yasak
    44. William Stanley Yingling
    45. Phillip David Young
    46. Keith Sanders
    47. Darren Muci
    48. John Scott (not a full pardon)
    49. Amy Ralston Pofahl (drug money laundering, distribution and manufacturing Ecstasy)

  1. Clinton's pardons and commutations, U.S. Department of Justice


Part 2

  1. Verla Jean Allen (1990 false statements to an agency of the United States)[6]
  2. Nicholas M. Altiere (1983 importation of cocaine)
  3. Bernice Ruth Altschul (1992 money laundering conspiracy)
  4. Joe Anderson Jr. (1988 income tax evasion)
  5. William Sterling Anderson (1987 defraudment of a financial institution, false statements to a financial institution, wire fraud)
  6. Mansour Azizkhani (1984 false statements in bank loan applications)
  7. Cleveland Victor Babin Jr. (1987 using the U.S. mail service to defraud)
  8. Chris Harmon Bagley (1989 conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine)
  9. Scott Lynn Bane (unlawful distribution of marijuana)
  10. Thomas Cleveland Barber (issuing worthless checks)
  11. Peggy Ann Bargon (violation of the Lacey Act, violation of the Bald Eagle Protection Act)
  12. David Roscoe Blampied (possess with intent to distribute cocaine)
  13. William Arthur Borders Jr. (conspiracy to corruptly solicit and accept money in return for influencing the official acts of a federal district court judge (Alcee L. Hastings), and to defraud the United States in connection with the performance of lawful government functions, corruptly influencing, obstructing, impeding and endeavoring to influence, obstruct and impede the due administration of justice, and aiding and abetting therein, and traveling interstate with intent to commit bribery)
  14. Arthur David Borel (odometer rollback)
  15. Douglas Charles Borel (odometer rollback)
  16. George Thomas Brabham (making a false statement or report to a federally insured bank)
  17. Almon Glenn Braswell (1983 mail fraud and perjury)
  18. Leonard Browder (illegal dispensing of controlled substance and Medicaid fraud)
  19. David Steven Brown (securities fraud and mail fraud)
  20. Delores Caroylene Burleson, aka Delores Cox Burleson (possession of marijuana)
  21. John H. Bustamante (wire fraud)
  22. Mary Louise Campbell (unauthorized use and transfer of food stamps)
  23. Eloida Candelaria (false information in registering to vote)
  24. Dennis Sobrevinas Capili (filing false statements in alien registration)
  25. Donna Denise Chambers (intent to distribute cocaine)
  26. Douglas Eugene Chapman (bank fraud)
  27. Ronald Keith Chapman (bank fraud)
  28. Francisco Larois Chavez (aiding and abetting illegal entry of aliens)[citation needed]
  29. Henry Cisneros (former HUD Secretary)
  30. Roger Clinton, Jr. (cocaine charges, half-brother of President Bill Clinton)[5]
  31. Stuart Harris Cohn (illegal sale of commodity options)
  32. David Marc Cooper (conspiracy to defraud the government)
  33. Ernest Harley Cox Jr. (defraud of federally insured savings and loan)
  34. John F. Cross Jr. (embezzlement)
  35. Rickey Lee Cunningham (intent to distribute marijuana)
  36. Richard Anthony De Labio (mail fraud)
  37. John Deutch (former Director of Central Intelligence Agency)
  38. Richard Douglas (false statements to a government agent)
  39. Edward Downe, Jr. (wire fraud, false income tax returns and securities fraud)
  40. Marvin Dean Dudley (false statements)
  41. Larry Lee Duncan
  42. Galen R. Elmore (convicted of cattle theft)
  43. Robert Clinton Fain
  44. Marcos Arcenio Fernandez
  45. Alvarez Ferrouillet
  46. Henry O. Flipper – guilty of "conduct unbecoming an officer" (1882)
  47. William Dennis Fugazy
  48. Lloyd Reid George
  49. Louis Goldstein
  50. Rubye Lee Gordon
  51. Pincus Green
  52. Robert Ivey Hamner
  53. Samuel Price Handley
  54. Woodie Randolph Handley
  55. Jay Houston Harmon
  56. Rick Hendrick
  57. John Hemmingson
  58. David S. Herdlinger
  59. Debi Rae Huckleberry
  60. Warren C. Hultgren Jr.
  61. Donald Ray James
  62. Stanley Pruet Jobe
  63. Ruben H. Johnson
  64. Linda Jones
  65. Preston King (Civil rights activism)[7]
  66. James Howard Lake
  67. June Louise Lewis
  68. Salim Bonnor Lewis
  69. John Leighton Lodwick
  70. Hildebrando Lopez
  71. Jose Julio Luaces
  72. James Timothy Maness
  73. James Lowell Manning, (1982, aiding and assisting in the preparation of a false corporate income tax return)
  74. John Robert Martin
  75. Frank Ayala Martinez
  76. Silvia Leticia Beltran Martinez
  77. John Francis McCormick
  78. Susan H. McDougal
  79. Howard Mechanic
  80. Brook K. Mitchell Sr.
  81. Samuel Loring Morison
  82. Charles Wilfred Morgan III
  83. Richard Anthony Nazzaro
  84. Charlene Ann Nosenko
  85. Vernon Raymond Obermeier
  86. Miguelina Ogalde
  87. David C. Owen
  88. Robert W. Palmer
  89. Kelli Anne Perhosky
  90. Richard H. Pezzopane
  91. Orville Rex Phillips
  92. Vinson Stewart Poling Jr.
  93. James G. Powell
  94. Norman Lyle Prouse – former Captain for Northwest Airlines, imprisoned for flying while intoxicated
  95. Willie H. H. Pruitt Jr.[8]
  96. Danny Martin Pursley Sr.
  97. Charles D. Ravenel
  98. William Clyde Ray
  99. Alfredo Luna Regalado
  100. Ildefonso Reynes Ricafort
  101. Marc Rich
  102. Howard Winfield Riddle


@_GodlessHeathen_ I repeat what I have said here a hundred times before. Hillary will sink under all the smelly baggage she has. Unfortunately it will all be aired out and is the key to the Fascist getting elected.


Hey the premier of Clinton Cash is Sunday....I'm sure those here will line up to check this out...


@RaindroidWillBoy Ill probably watch it.

for the laughs.

Used to get a chuckle out of the Clinton Chronicles too back in the day.

Clinton killed a lot of State Troopers and many others in that one.


@RaindroidWillBoy  Is this the one Dinesh D'Souza was working on while he was in confinement?  Is it going to be as much of a game changer as his 2012 movie?


@Hedley_Lammar @PaulinNH @RaindroidWillBoy

Well, not "none." it will further enrich those who made this sucker-bait, of course.

I for one am astonished that D'Nesh D00shbag gets any takers for his melodramas, but somehow it keeps him in Malibu digs.

Clearly I'm in the wrong line of business.



I imagine the 20,000 (or whatever) new pages of regulations is keeping her from maximum upstream potential...


@PaulinNH Let's see - every one of them will say Hillary is a criminal and a liar,killed Vince Foster ; Bill a philanderer and Obama is a socialist and has accomplished nothing. Terrorism is much worse today, than under w (9-11 never happened); Hillary is incompetent because four people died on a CIA mission in Benghazi while the director was preoccupied with Ms. Broadwell and Hillary was his backup and therfore responsible. FBI director has no idea what the vidence  and law is;

Also Hillary made Melanie lie about writing her speech and diploma.

And none of them really know what the f-ck Trump plans to do if elected


Donald Trump, Jr. will become a rising political star among conservatives, imo.  He is much more a pure conservative than is his father and has a cohesive conservative message and a commanding delivery of it.

Of course, I do not support either him or his father's ideas or visions for our nation or world.


@RaindroidWillBoy @MaryElizabethSings  Trump's kids are doing well - one of the few bits of authenticity on view. 

The criticism of Melania is way off base - it should be for whichever DA working for Manafort wrote the speech.


Nate did a statistical analysis of the speeches on "Make America Work Again" night.

Nate Silver@NateSilver538 10h10 hours ago

We've confirmed that "Hillary" and "Clinton" were the 2 most common words spoken tonight. "Work" was tied for


@RaindroidWillBoy They will forget to factcheck that speech because it does not fit the propaganda narrative. 


@PaulinNH @RaindroidWillBoy

Thanks he was on the mark for the most part..

HIs best statement was "Hillary put her secrets before our secrets..."  hard to argue with that.

The other was about Hillary not being able to delete problems this that effect.